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SuperD Co. Ltd.
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Taiwan , China
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SuperD Co. Ltd. (also known as SuperD) is dedicated to the development of comprehensive glasses-free 3D display technology solutions. SuperD's unique combination of technical disciplines add up to a comprehensive research and development offering which covers optical & applied materials research, processing and product design, IC design & electrical engineering, image processing visual effect analysis, and the development of software applications. SuperD's passionate focus on these six key R&D disciplines has resulted in over 400 patents worldwide. In 2013, SuperD was bestowed with the highest technology honor in China and was presented with China State Technology's Top Invention Award.   

SuperD took the lead in establishing the ShenZhen 3D Display Industry Alliance, driving Chinese 3D display technology and products to go global. The company has also built an extensive international network of manufacturers of LCD panels, laptops and mobile devices, vendors of chips and software, content providers, and other digital companies. These strategic partnerships have given rise to SuperD's technology being widely used in laptops, on the internet, in 3D cinematography, and beyond.

As we continue to push the boundaries of glasses-free 3D solutions, SuperD's next-generation glasses-free 3D technology will soon be found in mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices, further expanding the mobile terminal display market. SuperD is becoming an influential force in the field of stereoscopy, driven by its relentless pursuit of innovation, its comprehensive research and development in technology, and its leadership role the 3D industry's ecosystem.