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EPSON Taiwan Technology & Trading LTD.
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Taiwan , China , Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , India , Vietnam
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Crystal & Oscillator , Gyroscope

Epson’s energy-saving technology is the foundation of our electronic devices. Our energy-, power-, space-, and time-savings concepts are embodied in all of our electronic device products such as semiconductors, displays, and crystal devices. This is a melding of three forms of saving technologies. Power-saving enables low-power consumption and low-voltage technology. Space-saving enables further achievements in compact size and lightness for various products utilizing ultra-fine processing and high-density mounting technology. Time-saving enables a shortening of the time required for development and design on the customer side and short delivery times. Our concept of energy-saving or resource-saving is the blending of these three saving technologies.

Epson’s electronic devices are born of our ceaseless pursuit of energy saving products that have minimal environmental impact.