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Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd
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High Power LED , IrDA , LED , Light sensor

manufacturing efficiency. Everlight has been able to lower its operating costs and increase its output efficiency and yield rate by maintaining its production equipment, continuously strengthening production procedures, optimizing inventory levels, and emphasizing factory management. Overall, Everlight’s competitive advantage is its manufacturing. It achieved and maintains this competitive advantage by following a strict and carefully crafted set of rules, guidelines and procedures for its manufacturing. These procedures include the inspection of manufactured units during production, continuous self inspection, and the strict adherence to Statistical Process Control (SPC) in order to detect any small variations or imperfections in product quality. These measures are taken in order to ensure the highest product quality and to ensure that customer expectations are met. In the area of R&D, Everlight Electronics is taking the steps necessary to strengthen its next generation LED technology. These steps include: · improving the brightness of its products; · upgrading the efficiency of its manufacturing; · developing new market applicable products; · enhancing product diversity in order to increase its competitive advantages and · patenting its products and intellectual property. In order to service customers from all over the world, Everlight has established a network of global sales offices and distributors in order to provide technical assistance, express shipping and sales support. In addition, to its facilities in Taiwan and China, Everlight has also established offices in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, America and Europe. Based on its strong foundation and it partnership with its customers, Everlight is aiming higher and is ready to lead the direction of future products and markets. These future applications are comprised of markets for white LED’s for light bars, white LED’s for hand-held devices, HB LED’s for automotive lighting and for the established lighting market and solar powered markets. With its strength in manufacturing and controlling costs, Everlight Electronics is ready to meet the demands of a larger and growing global LED market.