‧Over Voltage Protection (OVP) at 3.3V/5V/12V
‧Under Voltage Sense (UVS) at 3.3V/5V
‧Under Voltage Protection (UVP) at 3.3V/5V
‧Open Drain Output for PGO and FPO Pins
‧300ms Power Good Delay
‧75ms Turn-On Delay at 3.3V/5V
‧2.8ms FPO Turn-Off Delay (from PSON Control)
‧38ms/115ms PSON Control Debounce
‧350us Width Noise Deglitching
‧2ms UVP Debounce Time
‧1ms UVS Debounce Time
‧No Lockup During Rapid AC Power On/Off
‧Brownout Protection at 3.3V/5V
‧Wide Supply Voltage Range (4V to 15V)
‧SG6510DZ1 8-Pins DIP(Lead Free)
‧SG6510SZ1 8-Pins SOP(Lead Free)


‧ATX Power Supplies
‧NLX Power Supplies
‧SFX (micro-ATX) Power Supplies


The SG6510 is designed to provide voltage supervision, remote on/off PSON, power good (PGO) indication, and fault protection (FPO) for switching power systems.
When one of the input voltages falls below threshold, the under voltage sense (UVS) function will be activated. This will reset the PGO signal from high to low. The UVS thresholds are 2.8V/4.2V for the 3.3V/5V inputs. If the 5V input further decreases to 3.6V, or if the 3.3V input further decreases to 2.5V, then FPO will be set to high. This will turn off the PWM controller IC.
For better protection against lighting surge glitches, and to prevent accidental power shut down during dynamic loading conditions, the debounce times for UVP/UVS are 2ms/1ms respectively. To provide better noise immunity, the deglitch time for OVP is 150us. During AC under-voltage conditions and brownouts, UVP can still be enabled to protect the power supply from output short circuits. To prevent the power supply from locking up during rapid AC on/off, the FPO latch is cleared off every 3 sec when PGI < 1.2V and UVP is TRUE.
The power supply is turned on following a 38 millisecond debounce time when the PSON signal is set from high to low. To turn off the power supply, the PSON signal is set from low to high following a debounce time of 115 milliseconds.
The PGI circuitry provides a sufficient power-down warning signal for PGO. When the PGI input falls below the internal 1.2V reference voltage, the PGO signal is pulled low following a 350us debounce time.