Seven-Channel Programmable DC-DC Power Manager with Battery Charger::零件採購::大聯大控股


Seven-Channel Programmable DC-DC Power Manager with Battery Charger




‧ +2.7V to +6.0V or Li-Ion Battery Input
‧ ±1.5% Output Voltage Accuracy (Max.)
‧ Up to 95% Voltage Conversion Efficiency
‧ Adjustable 500kHz to 1MHz Frequency
‧ Programmable and Configurable Outputs
‧ Programmable Li-Ion Battery Charger
‧ ±1.0% Float Voltage Accuracy (Max.)
‧ White LED Drive with Dimming
‧ PWM/PFM Mode Selection
‧ I2C Serial Interface
‧ Dynamic Output Voltage Management
‧ Individual Channel Shutdown Control
‧ Very low Shutdown Current: 0.1uA
‧ Programmable Sequencing
‧ Programmable Slew Rate Control
‧ Momentary Push Button On/Off Control
‧ UV/OV Monitors with RESET Control
‧ Current Limiting and Thermal Protection
‧ EEPROM Configuration Storage
SMB118 Combines High Performance DC/DC Regulation and Battery Management with Advanced Power System Control


‧ Digital Cameras & Camcorders
‧ Portable Media Players
‧ GPS Terminals


The SMB118 is a highly integrated and flexible seven-channel power manager designed for use in a wide range of ortable applications.
The built-in digital programmability allows system designers to custom tailor the device to suit almost any multi-channel power supply application from digital camcorders to mobile phones.
The SMB118 integrates all the essential blocks required to implement a complete seven-channel power subsystem including three synchronous step-down "buck" converters, one configurable step-up "boost" or step-down synchronous "buck" converter, one step-up "boost" converter, one linear regulator (LDO) and a fully programmable Li-Ion battery charger. Additionally sophisticated power control/monitoring functions required by complex systems are built-in.
These include digitally programmable output voltage setpoint, powerup/down sequencing, enable/disable, margining and UV/OV input/output monitoring on all channels.