Intel 875P 晶片組 P4 平台的最理想應用::大聯大控股


Intel 875P 晶片組 P4 平台的最理想應用


Intel 875P晶片組的特性為支援800MHZ前端匯流排(FSB)及Performance Acceleration Technology(PAT),搭配雙通道DDR400 記憶體而獲得令人難以置信的效能。875P 晶片組內建聰明的智慧,可管理及優先次序接收CPU的多工資料,和具Hyper-Threading Technology 的P4 CPU 作最佳化的搭配。

Intel 875P 晶片組整合了Intel Communication Streaming Architecture(CSA)是一個特定的網路匯流排介面,高速USB2.0序列ATA...等等。875P 晶片組可以確保將是P4 based 平台未來最理想的應用。

Intel® 875P Chipset Features
800-/533-MHz System Bus
Supports platform longevity for the fastest Intel® Pentium® 4 processor frequencies and delivers greater system bandwidth.
Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology Support
Delivers increased system responsiveness and performance.
Intel® Performance Acceleration Technology
Increases memory and system-level performance by optimizing internal data paths.
478-pin Processor Package Compatibility
Supports the highest performance Intel® Pentium® 4 processors plus, the flexibility to support other 478-pin Intel® processors.
Intel® Hub Architecture
Dedicated data paths deliver maximum bandwidth for I/O-intensive applications.
Dual-Channel DDR 400/333 SDRAM Memory with ECC Support
Flexible memory technology allows a full spectrum of DDR usage from highest performance to more cost-effective systems. ECC ensure data reliability and integrity.
AGP8X Interface
Highest bandwidth graphics interface enables upgradability to the latest graphics cards.
Integrated Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Eight ports offer up to 40x greater bandwidth over USB 1.1 for a variety of today's demanding high-speed I/O peripherals.
Dual Independent Serial ATA Controllers
Facilitates high-speed storage transfers and easy hard drive upgrades.
Integrated Intel® RAID Technology
Additional storage performance for Serial ATA hard disk drives(HDD), without the added cost of an external RAID controller.
Ultra ATA/100
Takes advantage of the existing industry HDD and optical drive interfaces.
AC '97 Controller
Supports Dolby* Digital 5.1 surround
sound(1), delivering six channels of enhanced sound quality.
Intel® Communication Streaming Architecture
Wire-speed GbE with the Dedicated Network Bus for performance network connectivity.
Low-Power Sleep Mode
Saves energy
Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor
478 Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (FCPGA)
Intel® 82875P MCH
1005 Flip Chip Ball Grid Array (FCBGA)
Intel® 82801EB (ICH5)/82801ER (ICH5R)
460 Micro Ball Grid Array (MBGA)