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ADI ADAU1761: SigmaDSP® Stereo, Low Power, 96 kHz, 24-Bit Audio Codec with Integrated PLL


What is it?
The ADAU1761 is a low-power stereo audio codec supporting stereo 48kHz record and playback at 10mW or lower from a 1.8V analog supply. The stereo audio DAC supports sample rates from 8kHz to 96kHz, a digital volume control, and a programmable digital filter. The stereo audio ADC supports sample rates 8kHz to 96kHz and a programmable digital volume control. The ADAU1761 has an integrated SigmaDSP, ADI's fully programmable audio specific DSP. This codec is ideal for battery powered audio and telephony applications.

How is it used?
* Smartphones/Multimedia Phones
* Digital Still Cameras/Digital Video Cameras
* Portable Media Players/Portable Audio Players
* Phone accessories products

What are the key features and customer benefits?
* Low power: 5mW record, 5mw playback 48kHz at 1.8V
* Great performance: 24B stereo audio ADC and DAC-100dB SNR
* Flexible: Digital microphone support, I2C or SPI control, supports sampling rates from 8kHz to 96kHz
* Flexible: Record path includes integrated microphone bias circuit and six input paths. Inputs can be mixed and muxed before the ADC. Auxiliary stereo analog inputs can optionally be routed directly to the output mixers. The ADAU1761 analog output stage includes two differential and three single-ended outputs, allowing for the direct connection of stereo headphones, an earpiece and other output transducers. AC-coupled or "capless" configurations are supported for the headphone interface.
* Onboard pll: supports input clock rates from 8MHz to 27MHz
* ALC: automatic level control
* Audio specific DSP: 28-/56B 50 MIPS SigmaDSP programmable using SigmaStudio
* SigmaStudio support: fully graphical user interface for dsp programming and register setting

End Market:
Consumer - Audio