USB 傳輸應用-詮鼎力推Semtech AC DC 二次側同步整流控制IC方案USB 傳輸應用 : 熱點頻道::大聯大控股


詮鼎力推Semtech AC DC 二次側同步整流控制IC方案








  • Current-sense control for low-side synchronous rectifiers
  • Rectifier turn on/off thresholds set with external resistors
  • Minimum ON and OFF time to minimize GATE turn-on oscillation
  • UVLO configurable to 9V or 4V
  • Wide supply range 4.5V to 24V
  • Gate drive internally limited to 5V or 10V
  • 2A sink, 1A source gate drive
  • 2mm x 2mm DFN-8 & 4mm x 5mm SOIC-8 packages
  • Product is lead-free, Halogen Free, RoHS / WEEE compliant



  • Vds sense is not ideal: body diode recovery and parasitics negatively impacts Ton/off timing
  • Instead, TS4305 detects SR current crossing optimized thresholds for SR turn on and off
    • Both SR FET turn-on and turn-off current thresholds are adjustable with external resistors which allow developers to minimize SR FET diode conduction loss while designing in timing margin to protect against reverse conduction of the SR FET.
    • TS4305 delivers conversion efficiency at or higher than traditional