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Bluetooth® low energy wireless system-on-chip



*Bluetooth low energy single mode system-on-chip compliant with Bluetooth 4.2specification:
-master, slave and multiplesimultaneous roles
-LE Data Packet Length Extension
*Operating supply voltage: from 1.7 to 3.6 V
*Integrated linear regulator and DC-DC step-down converter
*Operating temperature range: -40 °C to 105°C
*High performance, ultra-low power Cortex-M0 32-bit based architecture core
*Programmable 256 KB Flash
*24 KB RAM with retention (two 12 KBbanks)
*1 x UART interface
*1 x SPI interface
*2 x I²C interface
*14, 15 or 26 GPIOs
*2 x multifunction timer
*10-bit ADC
*Watchdog & RTC
*DMA controller
*PDM stream processor


Fitness, wellness and sports
Consumer medical
Remote control
Home and industrial automation
Assisted living
Mobile phone peripherals
PC peripherals


The BlueNRG-2 is a very low power Bluetooth low energy (BLE) single-mode system-on-chip, compliant with Bluetooth specification.
The BlueNRG-2 extends the features of award-winning BlueNRG network processor, enabling the usage of the embedded Cortex M0 for running the user application code.
The BlueNRG-2 includes 256 KB of programming Flash memory, 24 KB of static RAM memory with retention (two 12 KB banks) and SPI, UART, I²C standard communication interface peripherals. It also features multifunction timers, watchdog, RTC and DMA controller.
An ADC is available for interfacing with analog sensors, and for reading the measurement of the integrated battery monitor. A digital filter is available for processing a PDM stream.
The BlueNRG-2 offers the same excellent RF performance of the BlueNRG radio, and the integrated high efficiency DC/DC converter keeps the same ultra-low power characteristics, but the BlueNRG-2 improves the BlueNRG sleep mode current consumption allowing a further increase in the battery lifetime of the applications.