• 24GHz transceiver MMIC
• Fully integrated low phase noise VCO
• Built in temperature compensation circuit for VCO stabilization
• Homodyne quadrature receiver
• Frequency divider
• Low power consumptionFully ESD protected device
• Single ended RF and IF terminals
• 200 GHz bipolar SiGe:C technology b7hf200
• Single supply voltage 3.3V


• Intelligent motion sensing
• Precise measurement of object detection compared to PIR
• Operates in harsh environments
• Further enabler of IoT – type motion sensing applications
• Smallest package in industry Motion detection applications such as:
• Building and home automation (IoT)
• Door opening and lighting
• Robotics
• UAV – drone altimeter


The BGT24LTR11 is a Silicon Germanium Transceiver MMIC operating from 24.0 GHz up to 24.25 GHz. It is based on a 24 GHz fundamental voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). A built in voltage source delivers a VCO tuning voltage (V_PTAT) which is proportional to absolute temperature. When connected to the VCO tuning pin (V_TUNE) it compensates for the inherent frequency drift of the VCO over temperature thus stabilizing the VCO within the ISM band eliminating the need for a PLL/Microcontroller. An integrated 1:16 frequency divider also allows for external phase lock loop VCO frequency stabilization.