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LC709501F Power Bank Controller



Power Bank Controller with
USB Type-C & Quick Charge™ 3.0 for 1-Cell Li-Ion and Li-Poly Battery

•Supports Quick Charge 3.0 HVDCP Class A. 5 V up to 12 V
•Buck charge / Boost charge
•Supports USB type-C DRP with Port control IC.
•Controls an external Boost-IC for 2nd USB output
•Status & Battery level display with 4 LEDs
•Over voltage / Over current detection


•Power Bank
•USB-related charging application


LC709501F is a Lithium ion switching charger controller for Power Bank. This device has all functions to control Power Bank application.
It can control Type-C port control IC and includes Quick Charge 3.0 HVDCP. The built-in switching controller can output from 5 V up to 12V for Quick Charge. The high power output for USB Type-C and Quick Charge is possible with appropriate external MOSFETs.