•Extremely low FOM R DS(on) x E oss; lower Q g, E on and E off
•Highly performant technology ◦Low switching losses (E oss)
◦Highly efficient
◦Excellent thermal behavior
•Allowing high speed switching
•Integrated protection Zener diode
•Optimized V (GS)th of 3V with very narrow tolerance of ±0.5V
•Finely graduated portfolio


Recommended for Flyback topologies for example used in Chargers,Adapters, Lighting Applications,


Developed to serve today’s and especially tomorrow’s trends in flyback topologies – the new 700V CoolMOS™ P7 series addresses the low power SMPS market, such as mobile phone chargers or notebook adapters by offering fundamental performance gains compared to superjunction technologies used today. By combining customers’ feedback with over 20 years of superjunction MOSFET experience, 700V CoolMOS™ P7 enables best fit for target applications in terms of:
•Efficiency and thermals
•EMI behavior