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600 V CoolMOS™ C7 series



* Reduced switching loss parameters such as QG, Coss, enabling higher switching frequency
* 50 percent Eoss reduction compared to older CP technology and close to GaN
* Lowest RDS(on) * A in the world (<1 Ω mm²)
* Suitable for high-end resonant topologies


* Telecom
* Server
* High-end PC power
* Solar
* Industrial


* The new 600 V CoolMOS™ C7 series from Infineon offers a ~50 percent reduction in turn-off losses (Eoss) compared to the CoolMOS™ CP, offering a GaN-like level of performance in PFC, TTF and other hard switching topologies.

* Efficiency and TCO (total cost of ownership) driven applications benefit from the higher efficiency offered by CoolMOS™ C7. Gains of 0.3 to 0.7 percent in PFC and 0.1 percent in LLC topologies can be achieved. In the case of a 2.5 kW server PSU, for example, using 600 V C7 MOSFETs in a TO-247 4pin package can result in energy cost reductions of ~10 percent for PSU energy loss.

* BOM (bill of material) cost driven applications can use the efficiency gained at full load by the combination of C7 and TO-247 4pin package. This is done by increasing the RDS(on) of the MOSFET so that it matches previous 3pin package full load efficiency enabling benefits in costs (i.e. 40 mΩ versus 70 mΩ device). Doubling the switching frequency can also save magnetic component material. Cost savings of up to 30 percent in copper windings and 45 percent in core (dependent on material used) can be achieved.