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• Resonant mode controller for Half-bridge LLC resonant converter with synchronous rectification drives
• 30kHz to 1MHz switching frequency
• 50% duty cycle for both primary and secondary gate drives
• 30kHz~1MHz switching frequency
• High efficiency over wide load
• High accuracy frequency setting
• High accuracy setting and adjustable dead time
• Over load/open loop protection with adjustable blanking time and restart time
• Mains undervoltage protection with hysteresis
• External latch-off and over temperature protections


• PC power supplies
• Server power supplies
• Telecom power supplies
• TV power
• AC-DC adapter


The LLC IC is a high performance resonant mode controller designed specially for high efficiency half-bridge LLC converter with synchrnous rectification at the secondary side. With its new driving techqiues, the synchronous rectification can be realized for half-bridge LLC converter operated with secondary switching current in both CCM and DCM conditions. No special synchronous rectification controller IC is needed at the seondary side.