• Drives both low side and high side N-channel MOSFETS
• 6Ω pull-up, 2Ω pull-down gate drivers
• Independent TTL compatible inputs
• Floating gate drive and bootstrap circuits for driving high side devices – up to 85V for the bootstrap supply voltage
• 5 - 12V gate drive capability allows compatibility with a wide range of FETs
• Fast propagation delays (<50nS typical)
• Matched channel to channel delays (<25nS mismatch)
• Fast rise and fall times
• Optional break before make detection to set minimum dead time protection
• Available comparator, amplifier and 3.3V linear regulator (10mA capability) for supporting circuitry
• Under voltage lock out protection
• Over temperature shut down (TSD) protection
• Supports Qi®, PMA, A4WP and proprietary wireless power applications
• Power outputs scalable based on FET size
• Support for half and full-bridge power sections
• Integrated comparator
• Low external component count
• Available in 28 pin 5x5 QFN


• Multi-standard compliant and non-compliant wireless chargers for:
ΠCell Phones and Smartphones
ΠGPS Devices
ΠDigital Cameras
ΠTablets and eReaders
ΠPortable Lighting
• Full and half-bridge power converters
• Motor drive applications