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TS51223 (RX)



TS51223 is a fully-integrated wireless power receiver for low-power, wearable
applications that require a low-cost and space-saving solution. The TS51223
can operate by itself as a single-chip wireless power receiver in proprietary
applications. It can also operate in conjunction with a wireless charger
controller or an application microcontroller to support the Qi, PMA or A4WP
standards as well as proprietary standards up to 2W for 5V output and up to
5W for higher output voltages.
• Half-synchronous rectification
 40V maximum input voltage
 24V maximum output voltage
 Supports Qi, PMA, A4WP and proprietary charging standards
 High voltage input
 Up to 2W for 5V output
 Up to 5W for higher output voltages
 Better than 90% AC-DC efficiency at 400mA output current
 Integrated switches for load modulation
 Integrated frequency detection to support bidirectional communication
 TX to RX CPU alert or reset signal
 Integrated minimum load current sink
 Thermal shutdown at 130C die temperature and over-current protection
 Low external component count
 Junction operating temperature -40C to 125C


 Bracelets
 Health Monitors