SPI Nand Flash MT29F2G01ABAGD12-AAT:G車聯網::熱點頻道::大聯大控股


SPI Nand Flash MT29F2G01ABAGD12-AAT:G



‧ Single-level cell (SLC) technology, 2Gbit density
‧ Vcc=2.7~3.6V; 24-ball T-PBGA
‧ 2176 bytes pagesize
‧ Standard and extended SPI-compatible serial bus interface
‧ User-selectable internal ECC supported 8 bits/sector
‧ Operating temperature: automotive -40'C~105'C
‧ Endurance 60K program/erase cycles
‧ Uncycled data retention: 10 years 24/7 @85'C


‧ Auto Gateway
‧ Auto GPS


Serial peripheral interface (SPI) Nand is an SLC Nand Flash memory device that provides a cost-effective nonvolatile memory storage solution where pin count must be kept to a minimum. It is also an alterative solution to SPI Nor, offering superior write performance and cost per bit over SPI Nor.
New features include user-selectable internal ECC and first page auto-load on power-up.The first eight blocks are valid when shipped from factory. Security functions are also provided including software block protection: Lock tight and hardware protection modes avoid array data corruption.