4Gb DDR3 MT41K256M16TW-107 AAT:P車聯網::熱點頻道::大聯大控股


4Gb DDR3 MT41K256M16TW-107 AAT:P



‧Vdd=Vddq=1.35V (1.283-1.45V)
‧Backward compatible to Vdd=Vddq=1.5V±0.075V
‧8n-bit prefetch architecture
‧8 internal banks
‧96-ball (8mm x 14mm) package
‧1.07ns@CL=13 (DDR3-1866)
‧Automotive (-40'C~105'C)
‧256Megx16 configuration


‧Automotive infotainment
‧Automotive ADAS
‧Automotive Cluster
‧Vehicle to Vehicle


This part is 1.35V part and is backward compatible in 1.5V application. It is 20nm technology.Automotive grade part and compliant to AEC-Q100. Micron can support PPAP, IMDS, CAMDS submission. Three automotive grade parts are available from Micron: AIT part -40'C~95'C; AAT part -40'C~105'C; AUT part -40'C~125'C. All Automotive part are produced in plants compliant to TS16949.