EMMC 04GB~128GB智能手机::热点频道::大联大控股





• eMMC™ 5.1 interface
• Compliant with eMMC™ Specification Ver.4.4, 4.41,4.5&5.0
• NAND Density & Attribute: 4GB - 128GB、MLC (2 bit/cell) / TLC (3 bit/cell)
• Package size 153 ball FBGA (11.5 x 13.0 x 1.0mm) for 4GB~64GB
(Note: 128GB package size is 11.5 x 13.0 x 1.4mm)
• Bus mode
- High-speed eMMC™ protocol
- Provide variable clock frequencies of 0-200MHz.
- Ten-wire bus (clock, 1 bit command, 8 bit data bus) and a hardware reset.
• Operating voltage range :
- VCCQ = 1.8 V/3.3 V
- VCC = 3.3 V
• Quality - RoHS compliant
• Supports three different data bus widths : 1 bit(default), 4 bits, 8 bits
- Data transfer rate: up to 52Mbyte/s (using 8 parallel data lines at 52 MHz)
- Single data rate : up to 200Mbyte/s @ 200MHz
- Dual data rate : up to 400Mbyte/s @ 200MHz
• Error free memory access
- Internal error correction code (ECC) to protect data communication
- Internal enhanced data management algorithm
- Solid protection of sudden power failure safe-update operations for data content
• Support secure bad block erase commands & Enhanced write Protection with permanent and partial protection options
• Supports (Alternate) Boot Operation Mode to provide a simple boot sequence method
• Supports SLEEP/AWAKE (CMD5).
• Host initiated explicit sleep mode for power saving
• Enhanced Write Protection with Permanent and Partial protection options
• Supports Multiple User Data Partition with Enhanced User Data Area options、Background Operations & High Priority Interrupt (HPI)、 Enhanced storage、Field Firmware Update(FFU)、Production State Awareness 、Power Off Notification for Sleep
•Supports HS400、Supports CMD queuing、Supports Cache barrier、Supports Cache Flushing report、RPMB throughput improve、Supports BKOP control、Supports HCI for CMD queuing、Supports Enhanced strobe、Supports secure write protection




Kingston推出的嵌入式产品与市场上主流的eMMC产品一样,将NAND Flash和Controller封装在一起,简化了应用程序的界面设计,缩短产品推向市厂的生产周期。
金士顿eMMC采用T15nm MLC/TLC NAND Flash,符合JEDEC eMMC 5.1规范标准,Kingston eMMC MLC容量从4GB-128GB,所有的产品皆为Pin to Pin,而且尺寸大小皆为11.5x13.0x1.0mm(除了128GB 为11.5x13.0x1.4mm),皆采用FBGA封装153 ball。