Serial Flash Twin Quad I/Os MT25TL01GBBB8ESF-0AAT汽车电子::热点频道::大联大控股


Serial Flash Twin Quad I/Os MT25TL01GBBB8ESF-0AAT



‧ Density: 512Mbit
‧ Voltage: 2.7~3.6V
‧ Operating temperature: -40'C~105'C
‧ Package: SOP2-16/300mil (SO16W)
‧ Sector organization: Uniform 4 kB, 32kB and 64 kB
‧ 3V High Throughput extended x8 QSPI
‧ Max Read Throughput: 33/67/133/160
‧ AEC Q100 compliant


‧ Cluster


Micron Nor flash is 45nm world-leading technology part. They are available in densities up to 2Gb and are primarily used for reliable code storage (boot, application, OS, and execute-in-place code in an embedded system) and frequently changing small data storage;MT25T serial flash twin qual I/Os is 3V high throughput extended x8 SPI with 133MHx(90MHz DTR) speed. Write protection: software write protection applicable to every 64KB sector via volatile lock bit. Hardware write protection: BP0,BP1,BP2,BP3 and TB;128-byte OTP area, user lockable.