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Littelfuse - TPSMA6L Series TVS Diodes


• Hi reliability application and automotive grade AEC-Q101 qualified
• SMA low profile package: less than 1.1 mm
• IEC-61000-4-2 ESD 15kV(Air), 8kV (Contact)
• ESD protection of data lines in accordance with IEC 61000-4-2 (IEC801-2)
• EFT protection of data lines in accordance with IEC 61000-4-4 (IEC801-4)
• 600W peak pulse power dissipation (PPPM) rating


TVS devices are ideal for the protection of I/O Interfaces, VCC bus and other vulnerable circuits used in Telecom, Computer, Industrial and Consumer electronic applications.


The TPSMA6L series is designed specifically to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by load dump and other transient voltage events, and it’s especially suitable for high reliability and automotive application.
SMA low profile package (DO221-AC) has the same electronical performance as the SMB package but with low height profiles (1.1mm).