LITTELFUSE - SP3050智慧传输::热点频道::大联大控股





‧Reverse stand-off voltage:6V
‧Peak current(tp=8/20us):10A
‧Low leakage current of 0.5μs (MAX) at 5V
‧IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) ±20kV (contact), ±30kV (air),
‧Diode Capacitance 2pF (TYP) per I/O
‧Clamp Voltage:11.5V (IPP=5A, tp=8/20μs)
‧Dynamic Resistance: 0.7Ω
‧ESD IEC61000-4-2, ±20kV contact, ±30kV air
‧EFT IEC61000-4-4,40A (tp=5/50ns)
‧Lightning IEC61000-4-5,10A(tp=8/20μs)
‧Low capacitance of 2pF (TYP) per I/O
‧Low leakage current of 0.5μs (MAX) at 5V
‧Small SOT23-6 packaging saves board space


‧10/100/1000 Ethernet
‧USB 2.0
‧Firewire (IEEE 1394)
‧Monitors and Notebooks
‧Digital Camera
‧Set Top Boxes
‧Portable Medical


The SP3050 integrates low capacitance rail-to-rail diodes with an additional zener diode to protect each I/O pin against ESD and high surge events. This robust device can safely absorb 10A per IEC61000-4-5 (tp=8/20μs) without performance degradation and a minimum ±20kV ESD per IEC61000-4-2. The SP3050 also has a very low loading capacitance making it ideal for protecting high speed signal pins.