Line Card



【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

Three selectable sixth-order 15/32MHz (PS/HD) filters
Three fixed sixth-order 8MHz (SD) filters with muxed input
AC or DC-coupled inputs
AC or DC-coupled outputs
Robust 8KV ESD protection
Low power
DC-coupled outputs eliminate AC-coupling capacitors
Attenuation (Stopband Reject) : 50dB
Vcc Range:4.75~5.25V
Output Current:50mA
Storage Temperature Range:-65°C ~ 150°C
Package Tyoe:TSSOP-20


DVD Player
Personal video recorders (PVR)
Satellite set top boxes


Fairchild Semiconductor (NYSE: FCS) announces a family of video filter/drivers with the best combination of filtering flexibility, allowing designers to maintain high performance in the video signal path while optimizing system cost. With selectable standard definition (SD), progressive scan (PS) and high-definition (HD) filtering capability, this video filter/driver family allows designers to tailor the right combination of two filter frequencies to their specific design requirements. These highly integrated video filter/drivers were designed as an alternative to discrete solutions by replacing passive LC filters and drivers for board space savings of up to 50%. In addition to set-top boxes, these devices are ideal for use in DVDs, digital TVs and other consumer video products.

Fairchild’s FMS6690 of 6-channel, 6th order video filter/drivers stands apart from competitive devices by allowing designers to select the combination of SD/PS/HD filters best suited to their system needs. These devices offer higher levels of integration than previously achievable by manufacturers requiring composite-video, S-video and component-video (YPbPr, YUV, RGB). To save space, each device integrates selectable filters, input clamps and fixed gain (6dB) output drivers into a single TSSOP package. They also reduce space by offering the choice of AC- or DC-coupled inputs and outputs, since DC-coupled outputs eliminate the need for large AC-coupling capacitors.

“Consumer video applications require space efficiency, high performance and design ease to speed time-to-market and assure system reliability,” said Jeremy Tole, Fairchild’s product marketing manager for Video Products. “Fairchild’s new video filter family offers video designers the most design options available compared to discrete or similar solutions that require more space to achieve the same performance as one 20-pin TSSOP. For instance, all six channels on each device achieve reliable, consistent performance, as opposed to discrete filter channels that can vary with RLC tolerance. Additionally, by offering 12kV of ESD protection, the customer is able to remove twelve ESD diodes.”

Each one of the video filter/drivers in the family offers a range of device options for designers to choose from:

FMS6690 offers three channels with fixed 8MHz filters and three that are selectable between PS and HD (15MHz / 32MHz), ideal for high-definition television (HDTV) applications