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【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

Six fourth-order 8MHz (SD) filters
AC or DC-coupled inputs
AC or DC-coupled outputs
Robust 8KV ESD protection
sparent input clamping
DC-coupled outputs eliminate AC-coupling capacitors
Attenuation (Stopband Reject) : 48dB
Vcc Range:4.75~5.25V
Output Current:50mA
Storage Temperature Range:-65°C ~ 150°C
Package Tyoe:TSSOP-14
-3dB Bandwidth:7.8MHz


DVD Player
Personal video recorders (PVR)
Satellite set top boxes


Six Channel 4th Order Standard Definition Video Filter Driver The FMS6146 Low Cost Video Filter (LCVF) is intended to replace passive LC filters and drivers with a low-cost integrated device. Six 4th order filters provide improved image quality compared to typical 2nd or 3rd order passive solutions. The FMS6146 may be directly driven by a DC-coupled DAC output or an AC-coupled signal. Internal diode clamps and bias circuitry may be used if AC-coupled inputs are required (see applications section for details). The outputs can drive AC or DC-coupled single (150W) or dual (75W) loads. DC-coupling the outputs removes the need for output coupling capacitors. The input DC levels will be offset approximately +280mV at the output (see applications section for details). Features Six fourth-order 8MHz (SD) filters Transparent input clamping Dual video load drive (2Vpp, 75W) AC or DC-coupled inputs AC or DC-coupled outputs DC-coupled outputs eliminate AC-coupling capacitors 5V only Lead Free package - TSSOP-14 Applications Cable set top boxes Satellite set top boxes DVD players HDTV Personal video recorders (PVR) Video on demand (VOD)