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【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

Complete single-chip JPEG2000 compression and decompression solution for video and still images
Patented SURF™ (spatial ultraefficient recursive filtering) technology enables low power and low cost wavelet based compression
Supports both 9/7 and 5/3 wavelet transforms with up to 6 levels of transform
Video interface directly supporting ITU-R BT.656, SMPTE 125M PAL/NTSC, SMPTE 274M, SMPTE 293M (525p), and ITU-R BT.1358 (625p), or any video format with a maximum input rate of 65 MSPS for irreversible mode or 40 MSPS for reversible mode
Programmable tile/image size with widths up to 4096 pixels in single-component mode; maximum tile/image height: 4096 pixels
2.5 V or 3.3 V input/output and 1.5 V core supply
Bits per Component:16
Compression Format:JPEG2000
Microcontroller Interface:16 or 32-bits
External Memory Necessary:No - Internal
On-board Rate Control:Yes
HD Encode Capability:Yes
Pixel Interface (Bits):8, 10, 12, 14, 16
Max. Tile Width:4096 Pixels
Temp Range (°C):-40 to 85 °C
Package:121-pin BGA, 144-pin BGA


Digital CCTV and surveillance systems
Digital camcorders or camera
Video and image distribution systems
Professional video editing and recording


The ADV212 is a single-chip JPEG 2000 codec targeted for video and high bandwidth image compression applications that can benefit from the enhanced quality and feature set provided by the JPEG 2000 (J2K)—ISO/IEC15444-1 image compression standard. The part implements the computationally intensive operations of the JPEG 2000 image compression standard as well as providing fully compliant code-stream generation for most applications.