Line Card



【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

Blackfin Processor Core with up to 600Mhz (1200 MMACS) performance
Lockbox™ Secure Technology: Hardware-enabled security for code and content protection.
Two independent DMA controllers
Connectivity: High Speed USB OTG, UARTs, SPORTs, SPI, TWI, and CAN
Human Interface: 32-bit Up/Down counter / Thumbwheel interface, 8x8 Keypad interface
Expansion: SD/SDIO and ATAPI-6 Controllers
Multimedia: 8/16-bit Parallel Peripheral Controller with Pixel Compositor hardware accelerator
Synchronous interface for DDR / Mobile DDR connectivity
Asynchronous Memory interface for SRAM, EEPROM, NAND/NOR, Flash connectivity
External Memory Bus:16bit
UARTs, Timers:Yes
Package:400 Mini-BGA
RAM Memory (kBytes):132
Clock Speed MHz (Max):600MHz
PPI 8/16-Bit:Yes
Pixel Compositor:Yes
Lockbox Secure Technology:Yes
SD/SDIO Controller:Yes
Core Voltage Regulation:Yes


High Definition DVR
Network DVR
Car Infotainment
Portable multimedia player


The ADSP-BF542 offers up to 600 MHz/1200 MMACS of performance. This processor core is supported by two independent, advanced DMA controllers supporting one- and twodimensional DMA transfers between on-chip memory, off-chip memory, and system peripherals.