Line Card



【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

.Integrated PFC and Flyback Controller
.Critical Mode PFC Controller
.Zero-Current Detection for PFC stage
.Quasi-Resonant Operation for PWM stage
.Internal Minimum Toff 8us for QR PWM Stage
.Internal 5ms Soft-Start for PWM
.Brown-out Protection
.H/L line Over Power Compensation
.Auto-Recovery Over Current Protection
.Auto-Recovery Open-Loop Protection
.Externally Latch Triggering
.Adjustable Over Temperature Latched
.VDD pin & Output Voltage OVP
.Internal Temperature Shutdown
.DC Supply Voltage ─ Max:30V
.Input Voltage to ZCD pin ─ -.03V-12V
.Power Dissipation ─ 800mW
.Operating Junction Temperature ─ -40-150°C
.Storage Temperature Range ─ -55-150°C
.FAN6921 controller is available in 16-pin SOP and DIP Packages


FAN6921 combines CMR PFC and QR PWM, which achieve less external components required. A built-in High-Voltage(HV) start-up circuit can give more start-up current to speed up turn-on time of controller.
The PFC part of FAN6921 provides a controlled on-time to regulate the output DC voltage and achieve natural power factor correction.A dedicated green mode function can adjust the switching time, reduce switching frequency and low standby power loss at lig