Line Card

General Purpose Class D Audio Amplifier


【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

‧NE58633 =>Class D Noise Cancellation headphone driver in HVQFN32
‧SA58670 =>2.1W/channel into 4 ohms @ 5V, 87% efficiency, fast start-up (3.5ms), selectable gain.
‧SA58671 =>1.2W/channel into 4 ohms @5V, 87% efficiency, selectable gain, dual sourced in 1

‧NE58633 (ANR headphone driver)
‧SA58670 (2.1 W/channel stereo class-D audio amplifier)
‧SA58671 (1.2 W/channel stereo class-D audio amplifier)
‧SA58672 (3.0 W mono class-D audio amplifier)


‧Protable TV
‧NB & Netbook
‧Media Player
‧LCD Monitor
‧Mobile Phone
‧Game Box


NXP releases the world's smallest package for Class-D amplification device. With a team of more than 5,000 Engineers to develop and 40 years of audio management experience in IC design. Since its release, ht eproduct has been recognized and adopted by major manufacturers internationally. It further proves NXP's innovation and persistency in audio arena.
SA5867X series earn a distincition in audio quality. Unlike the past, NXP added a new ingredient onto SA5867X series, reducing the package size making it more suitable for mobile products. Differentiating the design from previous version, the IC integrates the surrounding components, thus helps to reduce the PCB size, reducing the component counts and cost.