Line Card



【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

.Linear relative flux vs. If curve (~250% relative flux @ 1A)
– ~7% brighter than XP-E @ 700mA
.Low Vf ~ 3.0 @ 350mA
– ~4% lower than XP-E
.Highest performance XP
– 335 lumens @1A
– 128 LPW @ 350mA
.Higher efficiency than XP-E for similar flux bins
– ~4% @350mA
– ~12% @700mA

.Brightest single-die solution
– Projected to be ~ 12% brighter than current XP-E distribution.
– Majority of yield in R3~R5(130/148 Lumens) bin.
.Low thermal resistance ~ 5º- 6º C/W
.Maximum operating current –minimum of 1A
.Larger die than standard XP-E
.Slightly wider FWHM
.Larger optical source


.Offers highest performance option for applications that require highest level of brightness and efficacy - i.e.. Torch, Off-Grid
- R3/R4(130/139 Lumens) flux bins
.Higher brightness & better performance at higher currents can reduce LED count for many applications that require multiple LEDs