Line Card



【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

.Small optical source
.Better placement tolerance between LED die
.Single point source of light better emulates the look of traditional light sources (less “pixels”)

• Offers 4x the flux of XLamp XR-E in the same footprint and with
the same lighting class performance
- Highest performance MC-E -730 lumens @700A
- 93 LPW @ 350mA
• Highest XLamp lumen density (lm/mm2) – more light in less space
• Can reduce your customer’s total LED system cost by reducing the number of components


• High-End Portable
- $100+ MSRP flashlight & spotlight
- Bike lights
- Dive, sport, harsh environment
Compact Directional
- MR- & PAR-type LED lamps
- Fixtures that use MR/PAR lamps
Array with Optics
- Array of LEDs with individual optics
- Could be indoor, outdoor,transportation, etc…