Line Card

LED Driver


【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

‧Low cost solution
‧Output current adjustable by usage of external resistor from 10mA to 65mA
‧Suitable for Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), possibility of LED dimming
‧Negative temperature coefficient
‧serves as protection for LED's
‧No EMI problems
‧Pre-tested output current
‧Low voltage drop
‧Typically at 12V DC power supply 3 LED’s can be operated in series easily with an efficiency of 75 to 90% efficiency depending on the forward voltage of LED’s
‧At 24V DC power supply 6 LED’s can be operated in series
‧By using AC current even higher efficiencies can be achieved
‧With higher forward voltage binning LED’s which are usually cheaper better efficiencies can be achieved.


Replacement of neon bulbs in advertising signs
‧Interior & exterior lighting (RCL and CHMSL) in cars
‧Architectural & accent lighting
‧Big color displays (RGB) and other.


‧Long life time of up to 50.000 hrs
‧Low energy consumption of LED’s (70-80 lm/W) compared to incandescent lamps (10 lm/W)
‧Less sensitive for switching on and off than neon / fluorescent bulbs
‧No hazardous substances like mercury as in neon bulbs
‧Less sensitive towards shock & vibration
‧Small size giving more flexibility for design
‧Faster lighting up especially relevant for braking lights.