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Xlamp MC-E LED


【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

‧Industry's first lighting-class multi-chip LED
‧Available in white (2,600K to 10,000K CCT)
‧Maximum drive current: 700mA per LED die
‧Lowest Xlamp thermal resistance: 3℃/W
‧Electrically neutral thermal path
‧240-430 lm @ 350mA
‧110 degrees viewing angle
‧7 x 9mm SMD package


‧indoor/outdoor light
‧transportation light


Cree MC-E is a lighting-class multi-chip LED. It provides 4X flux of Xlamp XR-E LEDs but same package size. It makes a small optical source need and better placement between LED die. And a single point source of light can also provide a better light distribution pattern. As a result, the LED system cost can be reduced.