Line Card



【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

‧Internally synchronized leading edge PFC and trailing edge PWM in one IC.
‧Low operating current.
‧Innovative Switching-Charge multiplier-divider.
‧Average-current-mode for input-current shaping.
‧PFC with over-voltage and under-voltage protections.
‧PFC with feedback open-loop protection.
‧Cycle-by-cycle current limiting for PFC/PWM.
‧Power on sequence control and soft-start.
‧Interleaved PFC/PWM switching.

‧Pin to pin compatible for ML4800 and FAN4800 andCM6800 and CM6800A.
‧PWM configurable for current-mode or feed-forward voltage-mode operation.


‧Desktop PC Power Supply
‧Internet Server Power Supply
‧LCD TV, Monitor Power Supply
‧Battery Charger
‧DC Motor Power Supply
‧Monitor Power Supply
‧Telecom System Power Supply
‧Distributed Power


The highly integrated FAN4800A/B is specially designed for power supplies consist of boost PFC and Forward PWM. It requires very few external components to achieve versatile protections/ compensation. It is available in 16-pin DIP package and SOP package. The PWM can be used in either current or voltage mode. In voltage mode, feed-forward from the PFC output bus can be used to improve the PWM’s line regulation. To start evaluating FAN4800A/B from the exiting FAN4800, ML4800 board, 5 things need to be taken care before doing the fine tune.