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UCC28810/1LED Lighting Power Controller


【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

• Low Cost, High Efficiency and Low EMI
• Achieves lighting standards requirements, reduces cost and size
• Uniform Dimming of LED fixture achieved without changing wall dimmer
• Cost Effectively improves performance of LED in secondary side LED control schemes
• Improves reliability and life time of lighting fixture
• Low power consumption, better efficiency and provides consistent performance in high volume lighting production
• Eliminates the need for an external Driver
• Transformer Zero Energy Detection (Transition Mode Control)
• Implements Single Stage Power Factor Correction and LED current regulation
• Application circuit implements industry standard triac phase-angle dimming
• Improved Transient Response
• UVLO, OVP and Open Feedback
• Low Startup Current and Accurate Internal Vref
• 750 mA gate drive current


• AC Input General LED Lighting Applications
• Industrial, Commercial and Residential Lighting Fixtures
• LED Lighting Ballasts
• Outdoor Lighting: Street, Roadway, and Parking Lot lighting,
• Interior and exterior Ornamental LED Lighting
• Light bulb replacements


The UCC28810 and UCC28811 are general lighting power controllers for low to medium power lumens applications requiring power factor correction and EMC compliance. It is designed for controlling a flyback, buck or boost converter operating in critical conduction mode. It features a transconductance voltage amplifier for feedback error processing, a simple current reference generator for generating a current command proportional to the input voltage, a current-sense (PWM) comparator, PWM logic and a totem-pole driver for driving an external FET.