Line Card

AD9862: 12-/14-Bit Mixed Signal Front-End (MxFE®) Processor for Broadband Communications


【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

* A Versatile Mixed Signal Front-End Processor with Dual Receive and Dual Transmit Channels
* Dual 10-/12-Bit, 64 MSPS Sampling A/D Converter with Independent Reference, Input * Buffers, Programmable Gain Amplifiers (PGA), Decimation Filters and a Digital Hilbert Block
* Dual 12-/14-bit, 128 MSPS D/A Converter with Digital Hilbert and Interpolation Filters, Digital I/Q or Real-Signal Up-Converters, By passable Digital Up-Converters
* Resolution (Bits) 12bit
* T-Put Rate 64MSPS
* # Chan 2
* Supply V Single(+3.3)
* Pwr Diss (max) 1.42W
* Interface Par
* Ain Range 2 V p-p
* SNR (dB) 64.2dB
* Pkg Type QFP


* Broadband wireless...MMDS, IEEE 802.16
* Wireless LAN...IEEE 802.11
* Wideband cellular...Wideband CDMA, 3G, 4G cellular
* Broadband modems...Residential gateways, Power-line networking


The AD9860/AD9862 are versatile integrated mixed signal front ends that are optimized for broadband wireless applications. The AD9860/AD9862 are cost effective high performance mixed signal solutions for standards based or proprietary fixed access, modem, or wireless networking applications where dynamic performance, power dissipation, cost, and size are critical attributes.

The AD9860/AD9862 receive path includes dual high-performance, 10-/12-bit, 64 MSPS analog to digital converters, with input buffers, programmable gain amplifiers, and decimation filters. The transmit path contains dual high-performance 12-/14-bit 128 MSPS digital-to-analog converters, programmable gain amplifiers, interpolation filters, a digital Hilbert filter, and digital mixers for complex or real signal up-conversion.