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Intel Embedded Solutions - Digital Signage Application

Digital Signage is a display device, which is used as in-store sign to present constantly changing; computer generated, and full motion video, photo-realistic graphics, text and animation. It is a dynamic venue as opposed to traditional static bill boards and posters, and is widely use in banks, hospitals, commercial buildings, ticketing counters, hotels, fuel stations etc.

Nowadays Digital Signage is no longer just a display of information, it has now evolve into an interactive information and advertising tool that can deliver customized, relevant and interesting multimedia content, through multiple displays in a store and linked throughout the country and even globally.

Digital Signage provides instant communication in response to demographics, time and location across a range of sites and venues whether it is used as an interactive sales tool, a promotional or purely an information display. Advertising, infotainment and information can be created and controlled from virtually everywhere, at any time and displayed at any sites. It enables the simultaneous display of different formats and content to a number of displays, all with time overlay capabilities. According to report today 74% shopping decisions are made due to advertisement broadcast from Digital Signage which captures consumer attention during shopping, and the numbers will be growing.


In addition modern Digital Signage capable of dynamic and provisioning function, it can detect gender and thus provide suitable advertisement, thus deliver right message to right people. Advertisers also use modern Digital Signage to do market survey by calculate the feedback through interactive respond of the machine. Furthermore modern Digital Signage also provides transaction service, e.g. Provide vouchers and coupon through interactive respond with audience.


Intel Embedded Communications Group (ECG) has provided various solution platforms for use in Digital Signage Application. Intel Media Player platform solution.

Capable to connect to various types of display directly (plasma screens, LCD panels, and projectors) either in standalone or through network connection, for single display screen to multiple screens capability. The Media Player can range from legacy 3-chip Solutions (CPU+North Bridge+South Bridge) to 2-chip to even single chip solution.


Besides the Media Player platform, Intel ECG do have enhanced network features for Digital Signage, known as Intel Active Management Technology (or iAMT) which enable Remote Management capability (see Diagram below). With this iAMT company can On, Off or reboot the Media Player remotely, provide diagnostic checking on the Media Player regardless of the OS reside-in, re-configure or upgrade Media Player BIOS. Additional this iAMT can enhance network security and tracking if the Media Player is working properly. Thus with both Media Player platform and system software iAMT Intel ECG aims to provide full modern Digital Signage solutions.