Wide supply voltage range from 2.5 V to 6.5 V
ISW maximum 1.5 A maximum load current
6% current-limit accuracy at 1.7 A (typical) for USB Adjustable current limit from 75 mA to 1300 mA (typical)
Constant current mode in overcurrent situation
Very low ON resistance: 85 m ohm (typical)
Fast overcurrent response (0.5s typical)
ILIM short detection
Reverse input-output voltage protection
 Built-in soft-start
 ESD protection:
IEC61000-4-2 contact discharge exceeds 15 kV for I/Os (with external capacitance)
 Specified from 40C to +85C ambient temperature

Precision adjustable current-limited power switch SOT457packagePrecision adjustable current-limited power switch SOT457package


USB port/hubs
Digital TV and set-top boxes
VOIP phones


NX5P2553 是可調整負載電流量的高壓負載開關,其附加電壓鎖定, 過載,過溫以及逆向電壓回灌保護機制, 電流量保護可透過ILIM控制腳調整, 範圍為75mA ~1.5A並有FAULT pin (open-drain fault output ) 輸出異常通報機制,且內建slew rate 控制,降低surge對訊號及電路的影響