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MPS 推出 NB671 – 24V/6A Synchronous Step-down Converter


Monolithic Power System (NASDAQ: MPWR) 发表 NB671 提供电流为 6A, 包装为3mm×3mm, 采用Constant-On-Time (COT) 控制方式, 提供快速的稳态响应并减缓负载影响及稳定回路. 工作频率可以调整, 并提供较低的RDSON, 具有全方位保护机制.

>90% peak efficiency for all output voltage from 1V to 5V at VIN=12V

Adaptive COT for Ultrafast Transient Response

Low Component count and small size

Wide 5V to 24V Operating Input Range

6A Output Current 9A Peak Output Current

1.7 ms Internal Soft Start

OCP, OVP, UVP Protection and Thermal Shutdown

Output Adjustable from 0.604V to 5.5V


The Key Specifications:

1. The module uses Constant-On-Time (COT) control mode to provide fast transient response

and ease loop stabilization.

2. This module provides an adjustable output voltage from 0.604V to 5.5V, programmable via an external trim resistor.


Market Applications:

Laptop Computer

Tablet PC

Networking Systems

Personal Video Recorders、Security

Flat Panel Television and Monitors

Distributed Power Systems


Typical Application Schematic: