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XCede™ Connector Platform from Amphenol TCS Designed to Support 20+ Gbps Performance


Amphenol TCS announced a breakthrough in interconnect performance with the introduction of its XCede™ connector platform. The XCede connector is designed to enable future data rate requirements for datacom, telecom, storage and wireless equipment, meeting and exceeding standards set for Ethernet, SONET/SDH, PCIe, Fibre Channel and Infiniband among others, while employing a highly reliable press-fit attachment.

An innovative 3D shield technology enables very low crosstalk and incorporates advanced materials to prevent high frequency resonances. Design features within the connector remove skew within any differential pair, dramatically simplifying the board layout process. This level of electrical performance and design flexibility allows equipment manufacturers to reliably meet today’s data rates and easily implement performance upgrades in the future, as higher performing silicon becomes available.

As system architecture designs become increasingly complex and demand higher performance levels, design flexibility in interconnect packaging plays a key role. Amphenol’s XCede platform offers the highest density available today in a differential connector (up to 82 differential pairs per inch), helping to overcome the most difficult interconnect design challenges. The XCede connector’s high density enables designers to meet the true high density needs of architectures with multiple front or rear fabric slots, and blade systems with cooling straight through the backplane. Secondary routing channels in the connector backplane footprint mean escape is possible on all three sides of the connector module, allowing greater design flexibility to route congested areas and the ability to significantly reduce the number of routing layers required, which can translate to hundreds of dollars in savings per backplane.

“We are very excited to be bringing the XCede connector to market as it offers the highest performance in a compliant pin, press-fit design,” said Andreas Pfahnl, Product Strategy and Development Manager for Amphenol TCS. “Extensive interviews with our customers throughout the design of this product ensured that we would deliver a connector platform that meets the needs across a broad range of markets. Customers emphasized they need headroom in today’s packaging to deliver even more bandwidth down the road without the need for costly and time-consuming re-design. We’re confident that XCede delivers and customer response is very positive.”

The XCede connector provides the mechanical longevity and ruggedness required by today’s systems. Wide backplane module shield contacts feature a stiffness-enhancing rib and are advanced well ahead of the signals for “drag your finger across” robustness.

The XCede platform supports 2-Pair (27.5 differential pairs/inch through 6-Pair (82 differential pairs/inch) versions, and integrated power and guidance. The product platform will also include bus bar power, stacker, cable and coplanar interconnect solutions.