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ADI ADSP-BF527C: Low Power Blackfin Processor with Advanced Peripherals and Embedded Stereo Audio CODEC


What is it?
The ADSP-BF523C/525C/527C Blackfin Embedded Processors are a family of high performance 600 MHz processors with low active power and application-tuned peripherals which provide glue-less connectivity to a greater range of external devices for improved flexibility and competitiveness. The high performance 16/32-bit Blackfin embedded processor core, the flexible cache architecture, the enhanced DMA subsystem, and the dynamic power management (DPM) functionality allow system designers a flexible platform to address a wide range of portable applications, including consumer, communications and industrial/instrumentation. With the combination of peripherals which enable glue-less connectivity to networked devices such as Ethernet or WiFi 802.11 a/b/g modules and power efficient signal processing, the ADSP- BF523C/BF525C/BF527C are well suited to IP connected applications such as VoIP Phone or IP Camera. IP protection has become a necessary part of today's embedded computing applications.

The ADSP-BF52x provides a security scheme which balances flexibility and upgradeability with performance through the inclusion of a firmware-based solution including OTP (One Time Programmable) memory to enable users to implement private keys for secure access to program code. For space constrained audio applications, the ADSP-BF52xC products include an embedded low power stereo audio CODEC. Combined with the integrated USB 2.0 HS OTG peripheral (BF525C & BF527C), these products provide an excellent combination of performance with low power, integrated peripherals, and small form-factor.

How is it used?
* Multi-media Application Processor
* Voice over IP (VoIP)
* Multi-media accessories - e.g. docks
* Networked Audio

What are the key features and customer benefits?
* Lockbox™ Secure Technology: Hardware-enabled security for code and content protection.
* Blackfin Processor Core with up to 600 MHz (1200 MMACS) performance
* 2 dual-channel, full-duplex synchronous serial ports supporting 8 stereo I2S channels
* 12 peripheral DMA channels supporting one- and two-dimensional data transfers
* NAND Flash Controller with 8-Bit interface for commands, addresses and data.
* Connectivity: HS USB 2.0 OTG, Host DMA Port, UART's, SPORT's, SPI and TWI.
* Ethernet 10/100 MII interface
* Memory controller providing glue-less connection to multiple banks of external SDRAM, SRAM, Flash, or ROM
* 289-ball, 12x12 mm, 0.5 mm pitch mini-BGA (Commercial temperature range 0°C to +70°C)
* Includes an embedded low power stereo CODEC for space constrained audio applications
* Pin-compatible with ADSP-BF52x products in 12x12 mm package

End Market:
Consumer - Audio; I & I - Instrumentation;
Consumer - Video; I & I - Medical; I & I - Industrial