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2015 AGM


The 2015 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of WPG Holdings Limited will be convened at 9:00a.m., Wed., June 24, 2015 at B1, 76, Chenggong Road., Nangang District., Taipei City, Taiwan.

Shareholders executing voting rights through e-votingThe Shareholders present in person or by proxy collectively held 1,181,822,486 shares ( including shares voted through e-voting ), representing 81.09% of the total 1,655,669,731 issued and outstanding Shares.

Directors presentSimon Huang、K.D. Tseng、Mike Chang、T.L. Lin、K.Y. Chen、Frank Yeh、Fullerton Technology Co. (Representative:David Lai)、Rong-Ruey Duh、Jack J. T. Huang、Yung– Hong Yu.

Voting resultsVoting on each separate proposal in the shareholders meeting agenda,the following are resolutions voting results:

2015 AGM Resolutions Voting Results

2015 AGM Resolutions Voting Results

2015 Meeting Announcement of AGM

2015 Meeting Agenda of AGM

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