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品佳集團力推 Microchip Atmel ATSAMG55 Cortex M4 MCU 助力 VR sensor Hub 應用


Microchip-Atmel  SMART SAM G 系列針對超低功耗和高性能應用進行了優化。其小巧的外形基於 ARM® Cortex®-M4 內核,這些器件與浮點計算單元 (FPU) 捆綁,封裝尺寸極小,僅為 3 x 3 mm 49 球型 WLCSP,工作效率無與倫比。SAM G 系列包含一組經過優化且高效的串列外設,包括一個 12 位 ADC、DMA 並具有最佳 SRAM 與快閃記憶體比。SAM G 器件是感測器集線器和電池供電消費應用的理想之選。

SAM G 包括四個系列:SAM G51、SAM G53、SAM G54 和 SAM G55。這些器件完全相容,甚至連 WLCSP 封裝也一樣。

• 工作模式下低至 100uA/MHz

• • 深層休眠模式下 SRAM 保留時低於 7µA
從深層休眠模式喚醒以在工作模式下執行第一個指令時低至 3µs

• Cortex-M4


• 3x3mm w/0.4mm 間距

• WLCSP 7x7 管腳
• 各系列管腳相容



• ARM Cortex-M4 with up to 16 Kbytes SRAM on I/D bus providing 0 wait state execution at up to 120 MHz (1)

• Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
• DSP Instructions
• Floating Point Unit (FPU)
• Thumb®-2 instruction set
Note: 1. 120 MHz with VDDCorext120 or with VDDCore trimmed by regulator.

• Up to 512 Kbytes embedded Flash

• Up to 176 Kbytes embedded SRAM
• 8 Kbytes ROM with embedded boot loader, single-cycle access at full speed

• Embedded voltage regulator for single-supply operation

• Power-on reset (POR) and Watchdog for safe operation
• Quartz or ceramic resonator oscillators: 3 to 20 MHz with clock failure detection and 32.768 kHz for RTT or system clock
• High-precision 8/16/24 MHz factory-trimmed internal RC oscillator. In-application trimming access for frequency adjustment
• Slow clock internal RC oscillator as permanent low-power mode device clock
• PLL range from 48 MHz to 120 MHz for device clock
• PLL range from 24 MHz to 48 MHz for USB device and USB OHCI
• Up to 30 peripheral DMA (PDC) channels
• 256-bit General-Purpose Backup Registers (GPBR)
• 16 external interrupt lines

• 8 flexible communication units supporting:

   -Two-wire Interface (TWI) featuring TWI masters and high-speed TWI slaves
• USB 2.0 Device and USB Host OHCI with On-chip Transceiver
• 2 Inter-IC Sound Controllers (I2S)
• 1 Pulse Density Modulation Interface (PDMIC) (supports up to two microphones)
• 2 three-channel 16-bit Timer/Counters (TC) with capture, waveform, compare and PWM modes
• 1 48-bit Real-Time Timer (RTT) with 16-bit prescaler and 32-bit counter
• 1 RTC with calendar and alarm features
• 1 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check Calculation Unit (CRCCU)

• Up to 48 I/O lines with external interrupt capability (edge or level), debouncing, glitch filtering and on-die series resistor termination. Individually programmable open-drain, pull-up and pull-down resistor and synchronous output

• Two PIO Controllers provide control of up to 48 I/O lines

• One 8-channel ADC, resolution up to 12 bits, sampling rate up to 500 kSps

• 49-lead WLCSP

• 64-lead LQFP
• 64-lead QFN

Temperature operating range
• Industrial (-40° C to +85° C

ARM Cortex M4內核,120M主頻,512K Flash, 176K SRAM,支援浮點運算與DSP指令集,功耗低至100uA/MHZ, 高達8路 SPI/I2C/UART介面,支援2,8x2.8mm WLCSP小封裝。

• 智慧手機,平板電腦,輔助處理器

• Game Pad
• VR , Smart Watch Sensor Hub

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