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New OptiMOS™ 5



* Optimized for Synchronous Rectification
* 15% lower RDS(on) than alternative devices
* 31% improvement of FOM over similar devices
* Integrated Schottky-like diode
* RoHS compliant - halogen free
* MSL1 rated


* Telecom
* Server
* Solar
* PC Power


* OptiMOS™ 5, Infineon's latest generation of power MOSFETs, is optimized for Synchronous Rectification in switched mode power supplies (SMPS) such as those found in servers and desktops. In addition these devices are a perfect choice for a broad range of industrial applications including Motor Control, Telecom, Solar micro inverter and fast switching DC/DC converter.
* OptiMOS™ 5 product families, feature not only the industry's lowest RDS(on) but also a perfect switching behavior for fast switching applications. 15% lower RDS(on) and 31% lower Figure of Merit (RDS(on) x Qg) compared to alternative devices has been realized by advanced thin wafer technology