3024 (H) x 3024 (V) Full Frame CCD Image Sensor醫療電子::熱點頻道::大聯大控股


3024 (H) x 3024 (V) Full Frame CCD Image Sensor



• Large Pixel Size
• Large Image Area
• High Quantum Efficiency
• Low Noise Architecture
• 10 fps 3x3 Binned Video with 20 ms Exposure


• Medical
• Scientific


The KAF−09001 image sensor provides advanced imaging performance for demanding applications such as next−generation low
cost digital still/motion radiography and scientific imaging systems.
Building on the success of the KAF−09000 image sensor, the KAF−09001 combines high resolution and outstanding sensitivity
with an updated output design that provides a 10x increase infull−resolution frame rate, along with support for binned output that
provides even faster throughput. The high sensitivity and improved frame rate of the KAF−09001 directly enable lower patient exposure in medical applications and improved productivity in scientific imaging.
A high sensitivity 12 micron full frame CCD pixel design combines with a low noise output architecture to allow system designers to
improve overall image quality or relax system tolerances to reduce cost. Excellent uniformity preserves overall image integrity by
simplifying image corrections, while integrated anti−blooming protection prevents image bleed from overexposure in bright areas of
the image.