TS81000(RX) 工業電子::熱點頻道::大聯大控股





RISC-based controller core with flash and SRAM memory
 8kBytes Flash, 1kByte SRAM
 10-bit A/D converter
 Two 16-bit timers, advanced control and general purpose
 8-bit timer
 Auto-wakeup and watchdog timers
 8 configurable analog general purpose IOs
 Charging LED output
 I2C interface
 20 pin 3x3 QFN

Supports Qi®, PMA and proprietary charging applications
 Dual-mode Qi + PMA functionality using a single LC resonant circuit
 Wireless power systems up to 40W+
 Compatible with variable voltage, variable frequency and variable duty cycle transmitters
 Supports indirect (fixed voltage) and multi-cell battery charging applications (>3.15V)
 Integrated controller and FLASH for communications and control
 High precision data converter
 Low external component count


o Cell Phones and Smartphones
o GPS Devices
o Digital Cameras
o Tablets and eReaders
o Portable Lighting
o Toys
o Medical devices
o Industrial devices