BGM12LBA9USB 傳輸應用::熱點頻道::大聯大控股





Power gain: 13.3 dB
Ultra low noise figure: 0.85 dB
Low current consumption: 5.2mA
Wideband frequency range from 703 to 960 MHz
RF output internally matched to 50 Ohm
High port-to-port-isolation
Suitable for LTE / LTE-Advanced and 3G applications
No decoupling capacitors required if no DC applied on RF lines
On chip control logic including ESD protection
Supply voltage: 1.6 to 3.1 V


The BGM12LBA9 is a LNA multiplexer module for LTE Low-band frequencies that increases the data rate while keeping


flexibility and low footprint. It is a perfect solution for multimode handsets for 3G, 4G and Carrier Aggregation.