• Drives low side N-channel MOSFET
• Sync-FET control based on current sensing in low-side sense resistor
• -20°C to +125°C TJ operation
• Operation to 24V
• 2A/1A sink/source gate drive
• 5 V or 10V gate drive capability
• 100ns propagation delay between current sense to GATE drive
• 200uA quiescent current in low power mode
• Under voltage lock out protection
• Over temperature shut down (TSD) protection
Typical Application Circuit
CvccbypassFlyback Converter ControllerISENSEVSSVCCACDRIVESnubberCS_

• Current-sense control for low-side synchronous rectifiers
• Rectifier turn on/off thresholds set with external resistors
• Minimum ON and OFF time to minimize GATE turn-on oscillation
• UVLO configurable to 9V or 4V
• Wide supply range 4.5V to 24V
• Gate drive internally limited to 5V or 10V
• 2A sink, 1A source gate drive


• LLC converters
• Flyback converters