2A, 5.5V, Low IQ ACOT Synchronous Step-Down Converter
• 2.5V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
• Advanced COT Control loop design
• Fast Transient Response
• Internal 100mΩ and 80mΩ Synchronous Rectifier
• Highly Accurate VOUT Regulation Over Load/Line Range
• Robust Loop Stability with Low-ESR COUT


• Mobile Phones and Handheld Devices
• STB, Cable Modem, and xDSL Platforms
• WLAN ASIC Power / Storage (SSD and HDD)


The RT5715 is a full featured 5.5V, 2A, Advanced Constant-On-Time (ACOT) synchronous step-down converter with two integrated MOSFETs. The advanced COT operation allows transient responses to be optimized over a wide range of loads, and output capacitors to efficiently reduce external component count. The RT5715 provides up to 2.7MHz switching frequency to minimize the size of output inductor and capacitors. The RT5715 is available in the WDFN-8SL 2x2 package.
WL-CSP-20B 1.6x2 (BSC) package. The RT5735 provides accurate regulation for a variety of loads with an accurate ±1% Voltage Reference (VREF) over
temperature. Efficiency is maximized through the integrated 34m/18m MOSFETs and 70A typical quiescent current. Using the enable pin, shutdown
supply current is less than 2A by entering a shutdown mode.