Line Card



【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

ABCD (SOI) process:
‧High-speed protection
‧Latch-up insensitive
‧Less temperature dependent
‧than conventional processes
‧Low internal signal interference
‧Wide Vcc range possible
‧SMPS controller IC enabling low cost applications
‧Large input voltage range (12V up to 30V)
‧Very low supply current during start-up and restart (typ. 10μA)
‧Low supply current during normal operation (typ. 500μA without load)
‧Over-power compensation
‧Adjustable over-power time-out
‧Adjustable over-power restart timer
‧Fixed switching frequency with frequency jitter to reduce EMI
‧Frequency reduction with fixed minimum peak current at low power operation to maintain high efficiency at low output power levels
‧Slope compensation for CCM operation
‧Low and adjustable over current protection (OCP) trip level
‧Soft start


>65W adaptor / open frame


TEA1733 major support in under 65W application power. It has fully protect function & hight efficiency in light-load, especially it build a timer to allow peak current & very low operating(500uA)/start up(10uA) current . It's very suitable in Netbook, printer power & LIPS.