Line Card



【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

‧ High efficiency (regular LED driver less than 70%)
‧ High power factor
‧ TRIAC or transistor dimmer supported
‧ DOE compliant
‧ Minimized design supported (GU10 /MR16)
‧Supports majority of available dimming solutions
‧Valley switching efficiency is optimized by built-in dedicated circuitry
‧Built-in demagnetization detection
‧The IC has built-in OverTemperature Protection (OTP)
‧Short-Winding Protection (SWP) and OverCurrent Protection (OCP)
‧The IC has internal VCC generation that allows start-up from rectified mains voltage
‧Natural dimming curve by logarithmic correction
‧Easy migration to existing lighting control infrastructure, TRIAC and transistor dimmers

LED driver IC for dimmable LED lighting
SSL2101 operates in combination with a phase cut dimmer directly from rectified mains
‧Power--- watts<=15W
‧Diming percentage---0% to 100%
‧ Efficiency---70%-75 % (with dimmer)
‧ 75%-80% (without dimmer)
‧ Power factor--- PFC>0.95
‧ Input voltage--- 110V/220V


‧SSL retro-fit lamps, (GU10) 3W-8W
‧LED modules (LED spots, down lights) 8W-15W
‧Illumination (motel, hotel, street lamp projection)


SSL2101 is currently the best solution for indoor illumination. Especial in some western countries, where they have dimming light demands, but because although there are various dimmers on the market, and the matching issue with triac has still not solved yet. But for SSL2101, the internal circuit control is able to solve this problem efficiently and it already becomes the existing solution for Philip illumination on mass production, also available for minimized design.